I’m running because the Alberta Advantage is in trouble. Just as we United Conservatives came together to start afresh with a new party, it’s time for new candidates to step forward. I have the right kind of turnaround business experience, and I’m not stuck in the past with previous provincial ‘political’ thinking that led to an NDP government. I want to represent our new Edmonton South riding and work with our next Premier, Jason Kenney, in restoring the Alberta Advantage.

As a Chartered Professional Accountant with experiences in accounting, finance and project management, getting Alberta’s budget to a balanced state is one of many key areas I’ll be dedicating my energy to. The current government has racked up a debt of $28 billion, being serviced at $1.4 billion every year. An interest amount that is estimated to reach $3 billion by 2023/24. There is no better time than now to stop this downward spiral.

We also should expect the best from our healthcare and education systems, taking action to improve them for the sake of our children. While a future UCP government sets an example of fiscal responsibility, our school curriculum should focus on teaching students the skills of budgeting and money/credit management for the 21st century. I also want to see that a proposed hospital in our Edmonton-South riding gets built. Our healthcare system can deliver quality care while reducing our disproportionate costs by maximizing flexibility for front-line service and for clinics.

Key areas of focus will include:


·         Prioritize the needs of families

·         Promote and support a variety of schooling options

·         Seek better outcomes and opportunities for our children’s education

·         Improving delivery in healthcare services

·         Ensuring the new proposed hospital in Edmonton South is completed on time

·         Commit to maintaining a welcoming, safe community for all people


·         Low taxes

·         Balance Alberta’s budget

·         Reduce public spending

·         Job creation programs


·         Repeal the Carbon Tax

·         Strengthen and promote Alberta’s energy sector


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